Review: The Cheezy Vinyl Bar

As you may be aware if you’re a regular reader of this blog, I’ve written previously about the idea of specialist cheese-based restaurants.

One of the most notable such places here in the UK is the cheesy Valhalla that is the Cheese Bar in London, which we reviewed a few months ago.

On the whole though, cheese-based restaurants are something that don’t see anywhere near as often as you should. Imagine my delight then recently when I had the opportunity to dine at the Cheezy Vinyl Bar – a brilliant establishment that gets its name because their signature meal is a cheese board served on an old vinyl record?
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Review: Morrisons Reaper Chilli Cheddar

As well as cheese, my big passion when it comes to food is pretty much anything hot and spicy. Sometimes these two worlds collide – I’ve long been a fan of Mexicana cheese, and I actually thought I’d died and gone to heaven some years ago when I discovered the wonders of paneer-based curry dishes.

All in all then, the news the other week that the Morrisons supermarket chain had launched what they were claiming to be the world’s hottest cheese was something that was always going to get my attention!
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Review: Cheesefest UK, Leicester

Ever since I made my first ever trip to Glastonbury as a wide-eyed 17-year-old, I’ve always loved festivals.

And given that I write this blog, it probably goes without saying that I also love cheese.

So a festival all about cheese was always going to be a winner, right?

It was with this mindset a few months ago that I went online and booked tickets for a family day out at Cheesefest UK.

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Review: ‘Black Bomber’ and ‘Beechwood’, by the Snowdonia Cheese Company

When you start to get a reputation as someone who really likes cheese, it’s probably inevitable that people will start buying you cheese-related presents.

And that’s certainly no bad thing. Indeed I’ve received all sorts of excellent cheese-related paraphernalia for birthdays and Christmases over the years – everything from books about cheese to my own personalised cheese slate!

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Review: Christmas pudding Caerphilly, by Caws Cenarth

image1.jpegSo, in my previous missive on here, I wrote about the cheese advent calendar that caused a great deal of excitement in recent weeks among cheese-lovers here in the UK.

As I stated in that post, the product is a truly excellent. What’s more, I think it’s only appropriate really that the festive tradition of advent calendars has crossed over into the world of cheese – because to me, cheese is always a major part of Christmas.

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