Interview: Nicola Beardmore, British Young Cheesemonger of the Year 2018

A few months ago we published our first Temple of Cheese interview, for which we put questions to a man who shall remain nameless about a rather hellish experience he had working in a cheese factory in the late 1990s.

The feature proved popular with those of you who read this blog – so much so that we’ve decided to try and keep doing them as a semi-regular feature.

Today we’re pleased to bring you another Q&A – this time with no lesser mortal than Nicola Beardmore, who was recently crowned Britain’s Young Cheesemonger of the Year!

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Interview: ‘My cheese factory hell!’

Being as I am someone who’s passionate about cheese, I often have idle thoughts about the idea of jacking in corporate life and doing a job that’s entirely cheese-related. As referenced in the strapline for this blog, I regularly daydream about the idea of running my own cheese shop – and I’ve even dabbled a fair bit with making my own cheese.

But would working in the cheese industry be all it’s cracked up to be?

Like any seemingly attractive vocation, there’s probably a lot of things about the cheese industry that aren’t quite so glamorous. Indeed, there’s someone who I’ve known a very long time who once had a very short-lived stint of employment in a Stilton factory in Nottinghamshire – an experience he found so harrowing that he only managed to hack it for half a day before walking away, never to return.

In the name of research, I decided it would be interesting to find out the full story of this fleeting career in the cheese industry – so in this blog post, I present a very first Temple of Cheese Interview!

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