The wonders of cheese on toast, and 12 different ways to make it

Since I started this blog there have been numerous posts in which I’ve eulogised about how versatile cheese is, and we all know that it can be a key component of a wide range of different meals. Pasta dishes, pizzas, salads, risottos. Even soups.

However, there’s one particular culinary creation that never seems to get a look-in when people talk about their favourite cheese-based dishes – yet one which any right-thinking person will hold close to their heart as one of the ultimate comfort foods.

Yes, I refer to the simple wonders of cheese on toast.
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Cheese research: Is it acceptable to dip chips into baked Camembert?

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you may recall that we shared a post last month where we took the bull by the horns and canvassed public opinion on the thorny issue of whether it’s okay or not to eat Christmas cake with cheese.

So far in this site’s short existence that post been our most popular by some distance – so a few weeks on, I’ve decided it’s time for another spot of cheese-based research.

And this time, I’ve decided to tackle another important cheese-related matter. Yes, whether or not it’s acceptable to dip chips into basked Camembert!

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