Cheese in the news: Stilton cheese rolling cancelled

About a month ago I shared a post on this blog in which I tried to offer a round-up of all the different cheese-related events that are happening in 2018 – everything from Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day, to the annual cheese-rolling event in the village of Stilton.

Sadly though, I fear that that particular blog post may have brought some sort of curse on all of the events in question – because it’s been all over the news these last few days that this year’s Stilton cheese-rolling has now been cancelled.

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Cheese in the news: Can cheese heal injuries?

Along with cheese, one of my biggest passions in life is football – although to be honest, we’re talking about two worlds that don’t often really collide.

More’s the pity…

But there was one time back in 2014 when we had a glorious crossover between my two interests – when a coach at a very well-known football club here in England attracted enormous derision, after it emerged that he’d suggested one of his players treat an injury by rubbing cheese on it!

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Cheese in the news: The Giant Cheese Board of woe…

The subject of cheese makes it into the news with surprising frequency. This is something I know well – because being well known among my family and friends as a big fan of cheese, I usually find that at least at least half a dozen people will tell me whenever cheese hits the headlines.

It’s a bit like setting up a Google alert, only six times more efficient…

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