When your perfect name for your fantasy cheese shop gets stolen

When I launched this blog there was the challenge of coming up with a suitably pithy strapline to go at the top of the homepage, to give visitors an idea of what’s the site all about.

After all, I wouldn’t want folk stumbling upon my small slice of the web and thinking they’d found the website for an actual temple of cheese!*

Following a great deal of deliberation, I decided to go with the line “Ramblings of a 30-something Englishman who dreams he’ll one day open his own cheese shop”. And it’s true – while I’m quite happy with my employment in a fairly middle-of-the road nine-to-five job, I have long clung on to the little pipe dream that I might get to jack it in one day and sell cheese for a living instead.

But what would you call a cheese shop?

Now coming up with a name for anything can be quite hard – but in this instance I thought I had it nailed. Whether it be a printer supplies store called Alan Cartridge or a bacon cob van called Brimful of Rasher, I’ve long been a fan of shop names that play around with language – and as we all know, cheese has gouda brie one of the best subjects on the planet in terms of its potential for puns.

So it wasn’t hit upon what I felt was the perfect name…

Yes, given that I had a vague idea that my cheese-based pipe dream might involve going into business with my esteemed elder sibling, I decided my imaginary shop would be called The Truckle Brothers. Which, for the benefit of any of you who aren’t from the UK, is a reference to British comedy heroes the Chuckle Brothers.

For years I felt quite smug, knowing that I already had a ready-made name for my fantasy business. Alas though, the problem with all good ideas is that if you don’t act upon them quickly, someone else will probably come up with the same thing. And about a year ago, I was stopped in my tracks one day whilst perusing some cheese at a branch of Morrisons – and discovered that the British supermarket brand had launched a new range of cheeses using MY name!

To be fair, Morrisons’ Truckle Brothers cheeses are a great product. As you can see from the photo accompanying this post they come as small waxed truckles in a variety of interesting flavours.

Of course, there’s probably a moral in this story somewhere – something about not sitting on a good idea for too long. The story also has an undercurrent of sadness, what with the the death a few months ago of Barry Chuckle – who was one half of the aforementioned Chuckle Brothers.

Perhaps in thinking of another new name I should continue to take inspiration from the much-loved comedy duo by playing around a bit with their famous catchphrase and calling my fantasy business ‘To Brie, To You’?

Unless any of you have any better ideas..?

*Though I do like the idea that one might exist somewhere.


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