Cheezels: The greatest ever cheese-flavoured crisps?

My love of all things cheese-related is such that whenever I find myself buying a bag of crisps, I always tend to go for something with a cheesy flavour.

I dread to think how many bags of Wotsits and Quavers and cheesy Doritos I’ve eaten over the years – and whenever a new type of cheesy crisp gets launched, it’s always a fairly major event in my little world.

Of course, it must be pointed out that cheese-flavoured crisps don’t actually tend to contain that much cheese. Take Wotsits for instance – a quick Google search reveals that only 7% of all the ingredients that make up the cheese flavouring is from actual cheese. As far as I’m concerned though, that minor detail spoils the enjoyment of them not one little bit.

But what is the greatest cheese-flavoured crisp of them all?

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Review: Morrisons Reaper Chilli Cheddar

As well as cheese, my big passion when it comes to food is pretty much anything hot and spicy. Sometimes these two worlds collide – I’ve long been a fan of Mexicana cheese, and I actually thought I’d died and gone to heaven some years ago when I discovered the wonders of paneer-based curry dishes.

All in all then, the news the other week that the Morrisons supermarket chain had launched what they were claiming to be the world’s hottest cheese was something that was always going to get my attention!
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Interview: Nicola Beardmore, British Young Cheesemonger of the Year 2018

A few months ago we published our first Temple of Cheese interview, for which we put questions to a man who shall remain nameless about a rather hellish experience he had working in a cheese factory in the late 1990s.

The feature proved popular with those of you who read this blog – so much so that we’ve decided to try and keep doing them as a semi-regular feature.

Today we’re pleased to bring you another Q&A – this time with no lesser mortal than Nicola Beardmore, who was recently crowned Britain’s Young Cheesemonger of the Year!

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