Cheesy chips: a new spin on a much-loved takeaway snack…

I’ve said it before in this blog but I’ll say it again: one of the greatest things about cheese is that it goes really well with lots of different things. We’ll all have our own views on what the finest cheese-based culinary combos are – for me though, one of the greatest is that simple takeaway pleasure of cheesy chips. When you’re on the move and need to grab something to eat, it never fails to hit the spot…

For all their virtues though, cheesy chips are a bit limited for those of us regard ourselves as connoisseurs of fine cheese. Indeed, from my experience, the grated cheese scooped from a plastic container by the person serving you in the takeaway and dumped onto your freshly-fried chips is usually the blandest of all the cheeses.

Yes, mild Cheddar – the Coldplay of the cheese world…

But are we about to see the boat pushed out a bit more in terms of which types of cheeses are paired with our chips?

It seemed to divide opinion among those of you who are regular readers of this blog, but a few months ago I shared a post where I documented a bit of an experiment, where I tried dipping chips into baked Camembert.

Sadly that’s not a combo that seems to have taken off since. However, there is a brand new chips’n’cheese combination that’s now available that I really think could catch on:  namely, chips with blue cheese sauce!
Sound good? Well you’ll need to get yourself to my home town. Yes, here in Nottingham a new takeaway has just opened in the city centre called Sauce ‘Em, which sells double-fried chips inspired by the ‘frites’ you get in places like Belgium and Holland. And as the name suggests, it’s not just about the frites – as whether you go for a small (£1.99), medium (£2.99) or large (£4.75) portion, you can get them adorned by any of 20 different sauces!

These sauces range from tikka mayo to peri peri – for me though when I popped along the other week to sample Sauce ‘Em’s wares, it was only ever going to be the blue cheese.

So what’s the verdict?

Well I had to wait a few minutes for the guys working behind the counter to prepare a fresh batch of frites, but it was well worth the wait – the chips were absolutely delicious, the portion size was decent, and the blue cheese sauce made a brilliant accompaniment. I’d love it if they made it available to buy in bottles like a lot of restaurant brands do these days with their signature condiments – it’d be a great thing to have in the fridge, and could be used to liven up all sorts of meals.

Good luck then to the guys at Sauce ‘Em – hopefully their venture will be a success!

And if any of you know of any other interesting twists on the noble combo of cheesy chips – or indeed have any good ideas for any that haven’t yet been attempted – please do let me know!


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