Cheesy chips: a new spin on a much-loved takeaway snack…

I’ve said it before in this blog but I’ll say it again: one of the greatest things about cheese is that it goes really well with lots of different things. We’ll all have our own views on what the finest cheese-based culinary combos are – for me though, one of the greatest is that simple takeaway pleasure of cheesy chips. When you’re on the move and need to grab something to eat, it never fails to hit the spot…

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Interview: ‘My cheese factory hell!’

Being as I am someone who’s passionate about cheese, I often have idle thoughts about the idea of jacking in corporate life and doing a job that’s entirely cheese-related. As referenced in the strapline for this blog, I regularly daydream about the idea of running my own cheese shop – and I’ve even dabbled a fair bit with making my own cheese.

But would working in the cheese industry be all it’s cracked up to be?

Like any seemingly attractive vocation, there’s probably a lot of things about the cheese industry that aren’t quite so glamorous. Indeed, there’s someone who I’ve known a very long time who once had a very short-lived stint of employment in a Stilton factory in Nottinghamshire – an experience he found so harrowing that he only managed to hack it for half a day before walking away, never to return.

In the name of research, I decided it would be interesting to find out the full story of this fleeting career in the cheese industry – so in this blog post, I present a very first Temple of Cheese Interview!

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Review: Cheesefest UK, Leicester

Ever since I made my first ever trip to Glastonbury as a wide-eyed 17-year-old, I’ve always loved festivals.

And given that I write this blog, it probably goes without saying that I also love cheese.

So a festival all about cheese was always going to be a winner, right?

It was with this mindset a few months ago that I went online and booked tickets for a family day out at Cheesefest UK.

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