Cheese events for your diary in 2018

Well Happy New Year to you all as we head in 2018 – hope you all had a brilliant time over the Christmas break!

The beginning of a new year is of course a period when we all tend to spend a bit of time thinking about what we want to do with our lives during the 12 months ahead. To help you with this annual ritual, here’s a round-up of eight cheese-related events you can get involved in during 2018 – mostly taking place here in the UK, but also a few international awareness days thrown in too…

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Review: ‘Black Bomber’ and ‘Beechwood’, by the Snowdonia Cheese Company

When you start to get a reputation as someone who really likes cheese, it’s probably inevitable that people will start buying you cheese-related presents.

And that’s certainly no bad thing. Indeed I’ve received all sorts of excellent cheese-related paraphernalia for birthdays and Christmases over the years – everything from books about cheese to my own personalised cheese slate!

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Review: Christmas pudding Caerphilly, by Caws Cenarth

image1.jpegSo, in my previous missive on here, I wrote about the cheese advent calendar that caused a great deal of excitement in recent weeks among cheese-lovers here in the UK.

As I stated in that post, the product is a truly excellent. What’s more, I think it’s only appropriate really that the festive tradition of advent calendars has crossed over into the world of cheese – because to me, cheese is always a major part of Christmas.

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Review: Cheese advent calendar, by Ilchester British Cheese and So Wrong It’s Nom

Well the true meaning of Christmas has always been about celebrating the little baby cheeses – and never more so than this year’s festive season.

Because for those of us who were quick enough to get our hands on one, 2017 will go down in history as the year when we became acquainted with a product so brilliant it’s amazing really that no-one had thought of it before.

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